Exploring clamming on Maine's coast

What is Clam Cam?

Clams are an iconic species to the state of Maine. But do you know what it takes to get them from the mud to the market and finally to your plate? Since early 2015, we have been working with clam harvesters to develop engaged media production techniques that can enhance the visibility of their industry. We call this approach "Clam Cam" and are excited to share this immersive archive of media about clamming.

This is what Clam Cam looks like. Clammers wear a small video camera on their chest and conduct their work as usual.


Explore the full set of Clam Cam videos, photos, and written descriptions.


Learn more about clamming and the engaged research that inspired this website.

Short Clips

In a hurry? Check out these bite-sized excerpts pulled from the the longer episodes.